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Banette to be available for Halloween

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blurb=For Halloween this year, the Pokémon Global Link website has revealed thatplayers in the United States, and possibly other countries, Banette will be availableable in Octoberto asdownload a promotionpromotional Banette for Pokémon Black and White. Players will need a Pokémon Global Link account to be able to obtain the Banette. }}
[[File:354Banette Dream.png|thumb|right|220px|Banette]]
For Halloween this year, the {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} website has revealed that in the United States<!-- Canada too? It is known that this event is NOT international -->, and possibly other countries, {{p|Banette}} will be available in October as a promotion for {{game|Black and White|s}}. Players will need a Pokémon Global Link account to be able to obtain the Banette.
In order to take part in this promotion, players will need to enter a password, which can be found in the upcoming Nintendo PowerOctober issue inof OctoberNintendo Power. Once revealed, players can enter this password on the Promotions page to obtain their Banette. The Banette will be available for a short time, presumably throughout the entire month of October.
It is not currently known if Banette will have its {{bp|PokémonHidden Dream World|Dream World}} {{bp|abilityAbility}}, {{a|Cursed Body}}.
==External Information information==
* [ Pokémon Global Link website] (not visible in all countries)
[ The official English-language Global Link website] (only visible in certain countries such as the United States)