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! style="font-size[[File:512%;National padding:50px;"Bulbagraphic banner.png| NATIONAL BULBAGRAPHIC800px]]
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| style="background:#FFDEAD; {{roundybottom|2em}} font-size:85%" | National Bulbagraphic is a community-oriented magazine, produced by Bulbagarden. We release monthly with content created by fans worldwide. The next edition is due {{#time: F|+1 month}} 15.
| style="font-size:140135%" valign="top" | [[File:Pokemon_Sapphire_boxart_EN-US.jpg|left|275px]] When Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen were first announced, they marked the initiation of an unspoken – and largely unwritten – contract between Game Freak and the Pokémon fandom. The decision to revisit the generation that started it all implicitly stated, “we plan to sell your nostalgia back to you." Game Freak knew that the majority of their fan base, either openly or secretly, yearned for a return to the days of old, and sent them FRLG as appeasement. [[Is_an_RS_Remake_Really_Necessary%3F|Continued...]]