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poor translation... well, this is how I interpreted it
==Prevously-Previously revealed episodes==
*{{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} (Ash) will use his {{AP|Gamagaru|Palpitoad}} (Palpitoad), {{AP|Tsutarja|Snivy}} (Snivy) and {{AP|Pikachu}} against {{bp|Gym Leader}} {{bp|Elesa|Kamiture}}'s (Elesa's) {{p|Emolga|Emonga}} (Emolga), {{p|Tynamo|Shibishirasu}} (Tynamo) and {{p|Zebstrika|Zebraika}} (Zebstrika). ({{bp|BW050}})
** Much like {{bp|Iris's Emolga|Iris's Emonga}}, Kamiture's Emonga knows, among other moves, {{m|Attract}}. On the other hand, her Zebraika knows {{m|Flame Charge|Nitro Charge}} (Flame Charge).
* {{bp|Alder|Adeku}} (Alder) will appear in person and battle Satoshi and Pikachu using his {{p|Bouffalant|Buffron}} (Bouffalant). He subsequently tries to stop an attacking {{p|Gigalith|Gigaiath}} (Gigalith).
* {{an|Iris}} befriends a {{p|Deino|Monozu}} (Deino).
* A hero and villain-themed episode will feature an {{p|Accelgor|Agilder}} (Accelgor)-themed, motorcycle-riding hero and his Agilder against an {{t|ice}}-themed set of villains. The two henchmen, followingwho theydress arelike dressedtheir Pokémon, each use {{p|Vanillite|Vanipeti}} (Vanillite), while the {{p|Cryogonal|Freegeo}} (Cryogonal)-masked leader uses {{p|Vanillish|Baniricchi}} (Vanillish).
* {{p|Tornadus|Tornelos}} (Tornadus) and {{p|Thundurus|Voltolos}} (Thundurus) go on a rampage. To call forth {{p|Landorus|Landlos}} (Landorus) to stop them, Iris and a {{p|Gothorita|Gothimiru}} (Gothorita) pray in front of a shrine.
* Satoshi's Pikachu and {{AP|Mijumaru|Oshawott}} (Oshawott) perform in a {{bp|Pokémon Musical}} show.