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Play! Pokémon 2011-2012 season rules revealed

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Mike Liesik confirmed Jirachi's exclusion was a mistake. Reference -
Today, {{bp|Play! Pokémon}} revealed the rules for the 2011-2012 Pokémon Organised Play TCG and Video Game tournament formats:
[[File:385Jirachi.png|thumb|100px|WasWhile Jirachi's exclusionhas accidental?not been seen on the list, Video Game Event Planner Mike Liesik has confirmed the lack-of-listing was in error.]]
==Video Games:==
The Video Game rules and clauses remain the same as the {{bp||2011 Video Game Championship}} events, however, the move {{bp|Dark Void}} is now banned, and althoughmaking it beingthe excludedfirst wasmove mostto likelybe inbanned error,for reasons other than a {{bp|JirachiSkyDrop glitch|glitch}} isn't listed as a forbidden Pokémon. Aside from the following, all Pokémon numbered 001-646 are eligible for use:
- {{bp|Mewtwo}}
- {{bp|Rayquaza}}
- {{bp|Jirachi}}
- {{bp|Deoxys}}
==External Links==
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