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Two pairs of episodes for October 2011 revealed

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"Day Care" is the correct way in this circumstance
[[File:Terebi Oct 2011.jpg|thumb|left|Terebikun]]
According to {{wp|Televi-Kun|Terebikun}} (also known as ''Televi'', among other names), the {{bp|BW053|53rd episode}} of ''{{series|Best Wishes|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}}'' is set to air on Oct. 20. The episode 「アイリスとモノズ!育てや修行!!」 ''Iris and Monozu! Day Care<!--OR Daycare OR Day-Care--> Training!!'' features {{an|Iris}} befriending a {{p|Deino|Monozu}} at a {{pkmn|Day Care}} awaiting its {{pkmn|Trainer}} to return. On the other hand, the {{bp|BW054|54th episode}}, 「怪傑ア☆ギルダーVSフリージ男!」 ''Strange Hero A☆Gilder VS Freegeoman!'', is set to air Oct. 27. The episode features A☆Gilder, an {{p|Accelgor|Agilder}}-themed, motorcycle-riding hero, and his Agilder. Opposing him are the {{p|Cryogonal|Freegeo}} mask-wearing Freegeoman, who owns a {{p|Vanillish|Baniricchi}}, and his two henchmen, who are both dressed up as {{p|Vanillite|Vanipeti}}, the Pokémon they both have.
[[File:Gekkan Oct 2011.jpg|thumb|Gekkan TV Guide]]