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Former {{bp|Bulbanews}} editor in chief (2005-2009)<br>
Former {{bp|Bulbapedia}} style editor<br>
{{bp|Bulbagarden forums}} administrator (currently inactive)
I am a professional journalist in real life. I was very active aton Bulbagarden whenduring I was amy high school and college studentyears, but nowmy Icurrent spendfull-time mostwork ofas mya timeprofessional working.journalist Ileaves haveme beenwith anot enough spare time to devote to Pokémonhelping fanadministrate sincethe 1998website.
I haveam, ahowever, bitactive ofon athe collection[ ofpkmncollectors] JapaneseLiveJournal Pokémoncommunity and [ collect merchandise,] mostly offeaturing {{pt|TreeckoGrass}},-type {{pbp|Grovylestarter Pokémon}}, andmost notably the {{p|SceptileTreecko}} and some other {{tp|GrassSnivy}}-type {{bp|starterevolutionary Pokémon}}lines.
===Favorite Pokémon===
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* [ Plastic Forest] (collection)
* [ Fanart]