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Bulbagarden has various leaders in charge of the different parts of the forum. Bulbagarden’s Chief of Staff, evkl, is the general leader of all staff and staff-related procedures. Head Administrator $aturn¥oshiMusashi presides and keeps a close eye on forum-related procedures. Bulbagarden has 3 directors — the Rule Director, Social Director, and Director of User Experience. Evil Figment carefully and painstakingly creates and fine-tunes the Bulbagarden rules, while Satoshi-kun presides over general forum social projects and operations, such as the IRC Chat. Finally, MusashiGhost ensures that user interaction with the Bulbagarden Forums is as efficient and enjoyable as possible, keeping track of what works to make the forum experience enjoyable, and listening to user opinions and suggestions to improve the quality of the community. These jobs lay the foundation for the entire Bulbagarden Forums.
Below them in the hierarchy, there are the administrators, super moderators, and regular moderators. Moderators are denoted by the italicized font in their usernames, and manage their assigned forums; while super moderators are denoted by a bold font and partake in the management of the entire forum. Administrators, who are identified by bold and italicized font in their usernames, are ranked above all moderators and can even modify the settings and the appearance of the forum.