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Bulbagraphic:Zoroark: The Heir to Lucario?

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Let’s look at some of Zoroark’s basics. It’s a Dark type Pokémon which evolves from its pre-evolution Zorua at Level 30, it is the star of its own movie (Zoroark: Master of Illusions), and as the title suggests Zoroark is very capable at disguising itself and creating illusions. Its ability ‘Illusion’ reflects this, copying the last Pokémon in the player’s party’s image and pretending to be that Pokémon. For instance, if the 6th Pokémon in your party was a Ferrothorn, when Zoroark is switched in it will appear as a Ferrothorn until it is damaged by an attacking move. While this makes it hard to switch Pokémon into random Pokémon, if Zoroark is uncovered it is rather predictable.
[[File:Zoroark movie.png|200px|right|thumb|Zoroark, ready to strike]]
The ability to see an opponent’s team in Wi-Fi also nullifies his ability slightly as the opponent will be expecting Zoroark, wasting many good opportunity’s to switch in and wreak havoc. When switched in, the opponent will never truly know whether it’s a Zoroark or a different Pokémon, which gives Zoroark a certain edge, and until the Illusion ability is given to another Pokémon we won’t actually know how it compares. What we do know is that in this current metagame - both UU and OU - he’s been faring average, being UU in both Smogon and Pokémon Online (PO) tiers.