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Pokémon Global Link announces three Japanese promotions

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Starting Nov. 18, a one-time use password can be used to obtain an {{p|Altaria}} from the Pokémon Global Link. While {{p|Swablu}} with the Hidden Ability {{a|Cloud Nine}} can already be befriended through the {{OBP|Windswept Sky|Dream World area}} area, it is possible that Altaria from this promotion will have an event-exclusive move. The end of the promotion for Altaria has yet to be specified.
While unrelated to the Global Link, various Japanese retail stores will make a poll available from Nov. 12 to Dec. 2, wherein fans may choose one Pokémon among the {{bp|version mascot}}s of the main series games. The winner will be downloadable at the aforementioned retail stores from Feb. 10 to 27. This promotion is meant to commemorate the 15th anniversary of {{game|Red and Green|s}}. It should be noted that {{p|Groudon}}, {{p|Kyogre}}, {{p|Rayquaza}}, {{p|Reshiram}}, and {{p|Zekrom}} are the only version mascots without Hidden Abilities. The initial stages of the mascots of the {{bp|Generation I}} games—{{p|Venusaur}}, {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Blastoise}}, and {{p|Pikachu}}—have already had promotions with their Hidden Abilities available, though only Pikachu was available female.
The most recent poll was held for those with Korean Global Link accounts, in which any of the first 493 Pokémon would be given away with their Hidden Ability. The winner, a Pokémon with no Hidden Ability, was Rayquaza. Prior to that, a poll following the same concept was made available to those with Global Link accounts when Global Link was only in Japanese. As [[New distributions for Black and White announced|previously reported]], the winner was {{p|Arceus}}.