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Information on fifteenth Pokémon movie revealed

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tagline=Kyurem, Cobalion, TerakionTerrakion, Virizion to be featured |
blurb=The second Pokémon movie of ''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!'' is to be released in theaters in 2012, according to Takara Tomy Arts. As hinted by related merchandise, Kyurem, Cobalion, TerakionTerrakion, and Virizion, as well as one unknown Pokémon, will appear in the movie. }}
[[File:M15 details.jpg|thumb|150px|Nintendo DS Touch pen]]
The famous Japanese toy company, {{bp|Takara Tomy}}, will be releasing a {{bp|Nintendo DS}} Touch Pen next year, as a part of the merchandise for the upcoming {{bp|Pokémon movie}}. The Nintendo DS Touch Pen will be available in five different designs, each featuring a Pokémon set to appear in the second {{series|Best Wishes|''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!''}} movie and the fifteenth Pokémon movie overall.
According to the merchandise, the movie will feature {{p|Kyurem}} and the {{bp|Musketeer trio}}, {{p|Cobalion}}, {{p|TerakionTerrakion}} and {{p|Virizion}}. Another Pokémon is also expected to appear in the movie. However, the details regarding it, the movie title and the release date, are expected to be revealed in December.
Due to the trend of {{bp|event Pokémon|event-exclusive Pokémon}} being featured in the Pokémon movies, many fans speculate that the unknown Pokémon is the event-only Pokémon next in line: {{p|Keldeo}}, a Pokémon with connections to Cobalion, TerakionTerrakion, and Virizion.