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New merchandise of Generation III Pokémon in stock

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tagline=Products available in all Pokémon Center stores in Japan |
blurb=The official Pokémon website has announced some new products to be available in all the Pokémon Center stores in Japan. All the products will beare available in two variations, Ruby and Sapphire themed. }}
[[File:Ruby Earphones.jpg|thumb|left|100px|Pokémon Ruby themed "Earphones"]]
[[File:Sapphire Earphones.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Pokémon Sapphire themed "Earphones"]]
The[[File:Ruby official Pokémon website has announced some new products, based on {{bpEarphones.jpg|Generation III}} games, {{v2thumb|Ruby and Sapphireleft|s}}. The merchandise will be including a Mouse, Mouse Pad, Earphones, PC bag and a Pouch. All the products will be available in two distinct variations,100px|Pokémon Ruby andthemed Sapphire themed.earphones]]
[[File:Sapphire Earphones.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Pokémon Sapphire themed earphones]]
The saidofficial productsPokémon arewebsite currentlyhas availableannounced insome new products, based allon the {{bp|PokémonGeneration CenterIII}} (store)games, {{v2|PokémonRuby Centerand storesSapphire|s}}, as part of the Pokémon Time line, which features Pokémon from previous generations. The line was launched in Japan2008 and inwas stockinitially sincebased Novon the {{bp|Generation I}} games; so far it has followed subsequent generations chronologically. 26Recent generations have yet to be showcased in this line.
The merchandise includes cord clips, earphones, a mobile pouch, mouse, mouse pad, PC bag, regular pouch and a 2GB USB flash drive. All the products will be available in two distinct variations, Ruby and Sapphire themed.
The aforementioned products are currently available in all the {{bp|Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center stores}} in Japan and have been in stock since Nov. 26.