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New merchandise of Generation III Pokémon in stock

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[[File:Ruby Earphones.jpg|thumb|left|100px|Pokémon Ruby themed "Earphones"earphones]]
[[File:Sapphire Earphones.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Pokémon Sapphire themed "Earphones"earphones]]
The official Pokémon website has announced some new products, based on the {{bp|Generation III}} games, {{v2|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, as a part of the Pokémon timeTime line, which usually features the contentPokémon from previous Generationsgenerations. The line was launched in 2008 and was initially based on the {{bp|Generation I}} games; so far it has followed subsequent generations chronologically. Recent generations have yet to be showcased in this line.
The merchandise willincludes be including a Cordcord clips, Earphonesearphones, Mobilea mobile Pouchpouch, Mousemouse, Mousemouse Padpad, PC bag, regular Pouchpouch and a 2GB USB flash drive. All the products will be available in two distinct variations, Ruby and Sapphire themed.
The saidaforementioned products are currently available in all the {{bp|Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center stores}} in Japan and have been in stock since Nov. 26.