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<p style="font-size:150%">Hello. My name is Bailey. ThisI'm isa my'''writer''' blandfor userpage'''Bulbanews'''. WooIf hooyou have ''any'' basic questions, '''''please''''' run them by me. My superiors are extra busy all the time, and I can probably help you with whatever you need!</p>
Well that's it for that. This is my bland userpage. Woo hoo.
==A few introductory things==
I'm lucky enough to have a very beautiful girlfriend (in real life, not on the internet) who I reintroduced to Pokémon when we began dating. Now she's trapped with the game just like me (:
I really don't tolerate drama, ESPECIALLY. overOver the internet., Ifit's needed,quite Isilly. canWe are all settlePokémon disputesfans, butand if you'rethis lookingwebsite tocan pickbring anus internetall together for that fightreason, youit won'tshould be enough for us to get onealong, outregardless of me.which Igeneration thinkor they'rewhatever sillyyou like.
==My articles==