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Another set<!--separated into four events--> of {{bp|Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center store}} distributions have been revealed. To celebrate the {{wp|Dragon (zodiac)|Year of the Dragon}} next year, the Pokémon franchise will not only introduce the Dragon Energy to the TCG, but it will also release {{bp|Pokémon egg}}s of Pokémon whose fully evolved forms are of the {{OBP|Dragon|type}} type. Available in Japanese Pokémon Center stores will be eggs containing {{p|Horsea}}, {{p|Trapinch}}, {{p|Swablu}}, {{p|Bagon}}, {{p|Druddigon}}, and {{p|Deino}}, all reported to be {{bp|Shiny Pokémon|Shiny}} upon hatching. These will be made available on four separate occasions from Jan. 6 to Feb. 5.
In other news, {{wp|CocoCoroCoroCoro}} has announced in its latest issue that it will reveal the next Pokémon game in its next issue, which will come out exactly one month from now, Jan. 14. The magazine says that it will be a surprising announcement.
*[ Announcement of Dragon eggs scan]
*[ CocoCoroCoroCoro new game announcement scan]