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Fortieth volume of Pokémon Adventures announced

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[[File:Pokémon Adventures volume 40 announcement.jpg|thumb|right|Pokémon Adventures volume 40's release date announced]]
The fortieth volume of the ''{{bp|Pokémon Adventures}}'' manga has been announced to be released on the end of May 2012; the exact release date is currently unknown.

This volume will continue the adventures of {{adv|Platinum|Platinum Berlitz}} while she continues to investigate the {{bp|Distortion World}} to rescue her missing bodyguards {{bp|Paka and Uji}}. Joining Platinum is her two friends {{adv|Diamond}} and {{adv|Pearl}} who continue to search for the Legendary and rare Pokémon of {{bp|Sinnoh}} to protect them from {{bp|Team Galactic}}.