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Distribution of 'Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza' announced

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To commemorate the release of {{bp|Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition}} on March 17, a distribution of 「ノブナガの黒いレックウザ」 ''Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza'' has been announced.
Obtainable from March 17 to April 16, the level 70 {{bp|Shiny}} {{p|Rayquaza}} will be distributed in a Cherish Ball, and will be holding nothing elseand buthave thea Classic Ribbon. The blue-coloredIts OT is 「ノブナガ」 ''Nobunaga'' and is male and the ID number is 03172. The known moves are {{m4|Dragon Pulse|AncientPower|Outrage|Dragon Dance}}.
Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza is available to players of the Japanese {{game|Black and White|s}} through {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection}}, as well as Pokémon Center stores all over Japan, which will not only hold a campaign to sell Rayquaza-related goods, but also hold a lottery for a chance to get special Rayquaza merchandise.