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Zekrom, Reshiram distribution to begin this week

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[[File:Reshiram_Zekrom_artwork.png|220px|thumb|right|Zekrom and Reshiram]]
{{p|Zekrom}} and {{p|Reshiram}} will be available to ''{{game|Black and White|s}}'' players with USAmerican, European, and Australian games starting March 10. The distribution runs for four weeks to commemorate the first anniversary of the games' international release and ends April 8.
The distribution, like the earlier Mewtwo distribution this year, will be run over the {{bp|Nintendo WiFiWi-Fi Connection}}.
As in a similar Japanese distribution last year, each Dragon-type {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} can only be obtained by players of the opposite-mascot game. That is, Zekrom is only available to players of ''{{game|Black}}'' and Reshiram to players of ''{{game|White}}''.
Both Zekrom and Reshiram are at level 100 and, hold the {{bp|Dragon Gem}}, and have a Wishing Ribbon. Zekrom knows the moves {{m4|Bolt Strike|Fusion Bolt|Haze|Outrage}} and Reshiram knows {{m4|Blue Flare|Fusion Flare|Mist|Draco Meteor}}. They have their standard Abilites {{a|Teravolt}} and {{a|Turboblaze}}, respectively, and are each in a Cherish Ball. The OT is SPR2012, withand the ID number 03102.
These Pokémon have more than just collectors' value, though. By tucking the event Pokémon into the {{bp|Pokémon Dream World}}, a new "Pokémon Movie" home, which is based on {{bp|Eindoak Town}}, will be unlocked and an exclusive C-Gear skin canof bethe tucked-in Pokémon is also unlocked upon completing a game there with downloaded{{p|Victini}}.