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April CoroCoro begins to surface

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The April issue of {{bp|CoroCoro}} magazine has begun to leak. The scans include the boxart for {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Pokémon Black and White 2}}, featuring {{p|Kyurem}}'s newly revealed formes, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. The magazine also promises that these two games will be an all-new adventure.
In addition to the announcement about the upcoming, the magazine has also confirmed an upcoming {{p|Keldeo}} distribution event. People who purchase a pre-sale ticket for the upcoming movie ''{{bp|M15|Kyurem VS The Sacred Swordsman - Keldeo}}'' (which go on sale April 14) will be able to receive the Colt Pokémon onto their copy of {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Version|Black, White}}, {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Black 2 or White 2}} between June 23 and AugustAug. 31. This is similar to previous movies, where a Pokémon has been distributed as a pre-sale ticket bonus, while another is given away at the movie theaters themselves.
{{ud}} An upcoming {{p|Meloetta}} distribution event has also been confirmed. The Melody Pokémon, who is all set to make its anime debut in the 23rd {{bp|Pikachu short}} of the {{bp|Pokémon anime}} called ''{{bp|Meloetta's Glittery Recital}}'', will be distributed in the Japanese theaters. More details including the distribution date have not been revealed yet.
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