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'Rival Destinies' to premiere in Canada

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[[File:OPE15.png|thumb|right|Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies title card]]
According to Zap2it TV listings, the fifteenth season of the Pokémon anime, {{bp|Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies}}, is scheduled to premiere on April 7, 2012 in Canada. The season will begin with ''{{bp|BW049|Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!}}'', Saturday at 12:00 p.m. timeslotnoon on {{bp|YTV}}.
The premiere episode, ''Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!'', is focused on {{an|Bianca}} going to the {{bp|Nimbasa Gym}}, where she encounters her concerned father who threatens to end Bianca's journey and take her back home.