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|}<br />[[bp:User:The dark lord trombonator|{{color|000|Former Bulbapedia<br/>Deputy Editor-in-Chief}}]]
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I've been using wikis since before they were cool: way back in 2005. At this point, I was over on {{wp|Main Page|that other wiki}}. After a stint as a regular editor there for three years or so, I stumbled upon Bulbapedia in 2008. I am now a member of '''Bulbapedia's Editorial Board'''. Perhaps more importantly (on this wiki at least), I am the '''Editor-in-Chief of Bulbanews'''. This is a role I have filled since Jan. 29, 2012, after serving as Managing Editor for over one year.
What does that mean? Well, I am able to approve all articles, columns, and opinions that get submitted to Bulbanews. I also manage the writers, reporters, and columnists who form the staff of the newspaper. From time to time, I will submit a report of my own, although I take pleasure in being able to take someone else's report and give it a tune-up so it can be published as part of our news service. If you have an issue regarding Bulbanews in any way, I'm happy to listen to your concerns.
During my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of this wiki, I plan to improve the usability of Bulbanews and continue to enhance it visually. Accurate, timely reporting will be as important as ever. I hope that we will report stories that interest you, be those about the games, TCG, and anime, or "human interest" stories, opinions, and columns. If you wish to contribute to Bulbanews, all you have to do is [[Special:Createaccount|create an account]] and [[Special:Newarticleassistant|submit a draft]]. It's that easy, and we are always looking for new contributors.
I'm happy to take any questions you have about the Bulbanews system, your edits, or even my own. Don't be shy. I won't bite (unless you've got chocolate, but that's a different story...).
For more information, see my {{bp|user:the dark lord trombonator|Bulbapedia userpage}}.
I'm currently enjoying what will probably be my only week of holiday until this time next year, so will see you all on April 14 (or thereabouts; timezones are fiddly things).
While I'm gone, you can talk to my Board of Editors {{u|SnorlaxMonster}}, {{u|Adyniz}}, and {{u|RexRacer}} if you have any issues, queries, or complaints. Failing that, go bug the other wiki Editor-in-Chief, {{u|MAGNEDETH}}. But do the opposite of what he says, just to mess with him.