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'Rival Destinies' to premiere in the UK

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tagline=CITV willbegins begin airingseason on April 14th at 11am14 |
blurb=According to a number of online TV listings, CITV will begin airing the 15th season of PokemonPokémon commencing Saturday 14th14 April at 11:00am a.m. }}
[[File:OPE15.png|thumb|right|220px|Title card for ''Rival Destinies'']]
According to a number of online TV listings, CITV will begin airing the 15thfifteenth season of Pokemonthe commencingPokémon Saturdayanime, 14th''{{bp|Pokémon AprilBlack at& 11White:00am. BTRival VisionDestinies}}'', ais respectablescheduled company,to have listed CITV as beginning the seasonpremiere on April 14th14, while2012 a number of other online tv listings just havein the nameUnited Pokemon in that 11:00am slotKingdom. BTThe Visionseason arewill knownbegin forwith reliability''{{bp|BW049|Enter andElesa, CITVElectrifying haveGym also recently stated that theyLeader!}}'d be airing the season after the run through of movies set to end this upcoming', Saturday 7that April with {{bp|Pokémon The Movie11:00 Blacka.m. -on Victini and Reshiram}}CITV.
TheThis seasonis willone startweek withafter the [[''{{bp|BW049|EnterRival Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!}}Destinies'', Saturdayto atpremiere 11:00amin {{bpCanada|CITV}} as stated by BTCanadian Visionpremiere]].
While some online listings merely mention ''Pokémon'' as the show in this timeslot, BT Vision is the only company to list the specific season. This makes sense, though, as CITV had stated previously that they would air the new season after the conclusion of a series of ''Pokémon'' movie screenings, which ends this Saturday 7 April with ''{{bp|Pokémon The Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram}}''.
The season will start with ''{{bp|BW049|Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!}}'', Saturday at 11:00am {{bp|CITV}} as stated by BT Vision. The first episode focuses on {{bp|Bianca}} going to the {{bp|Nimbasa Gym}}, where her concerned father threatens to end her journey and take her back home.