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Nagashima Spa Land to distribute Piplup

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Guessing next year's Torchic
A distribution of {{p|Piplup}} will be held from April 28 to May 6 at the {{bp|Nagashima Spa Land}} amusement park for its Pokémon Search BW event. Available to players of {{game|Black and White|s}}, the Piplup are level 15 and are inside Cherish Balls. They know the moves {{m4|Hydro Pump|Feather Dance|Water Sport|Peck}}. The Piplup have the Event Ribbon and the OT 「サーチャー」 ''Searcher''.
The Pokémon Search BW event follows the amusement park event's event of the same name held last year, in which {{bp|List of Japanese Nintendo event Pokémon in 2011#Nagashima Spa land Axew|Axew}} were distributed. Unlike this year's distribution, the distribution dates for Pokémon Black and Pokémon White games were distinct.