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May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked

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[[File:CoroCoro May 2012 BW2 1.png|thumb|Black Kyurem and White Kyurem]]
The first two pages reveal information about the changes to Unova and Black and White Kyurem:
* WhiteBlack Kyurem is 3.6m3m, 325 kg. {{m|IceFreeze BurnShock}} is its {{bp|signature move}}.
* BlackWhite Kyurem is 3.3m6m, 325 kg. {{m|FreezeIce ShockBurn}} is its signature move.
* The game is set 2two years after {{game|Black and White|s}}.
* There have been many changes to the {{bp|Unova}} region. There appears to be an encroaching ice sheet or glacier, and the water in the area around the {{bp|Entralink}} has dried up.
** The northern and eastern parts of Unova have been covered by this ice, and {{bp|Opelucid City}} is just on the border of being covered.
** There appear to be cave entrances to the glacier.
[[File:CoroCoro May 2012 BW2 2.png|thumb|New characters]]
The next two pages reveal information about the new {{bp|player characterscharacter}}s, {{bp|rival}}, and {{bp|Gym LeadersLeader}}s:
* There are two new player characters; the male is the characters [[May CoroCoro begins to leak|revealed yesterday on the cover]], while the female has not been seen before.
* The character wearing red that was seen yesterday is the new rival; he is said to be a childhood friend of the player. He is a passionate boy who wages on a Pokemon's strength.
** The rival is quoted as saying "From now, I'm going to rage!"
* The girl with the guitar is Homika;, a new {{type2|Poison}} {{bp|Gym Leader}}. Her Gym is said to be a "Live House" (a Japanese term for a music club where live bands play). She will appear in the anime in an episode on June 14.
* The tanned male in the swimming costume is Shizui; he's, a new {{type|Water}} Gym Leader. He is described as a big-hearted big brother who gives passionate advice.
* The man in the lab coat is Akuroma. He is researching Pokémon strength. A cut-off portion of the photo mentions he is doing something regarding the latent abilities of Pokémon. He is said to be mysterious and hard to read.