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May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked

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** {{bp|Challenger's Cave}} has disappeared.
** The {{bp|Entralink}}'s moat is now dry, and the inner area has changed.
* 300 Pokémon in addition to(including the original 156 Unova Pokémon) are now availableaccessible.
** The Unova Pokédex also appears to have drastically changed, with {{p|Riolu}} being #033, {{p|Psyduck}} being #026, and {{p|Metagross}} being #264.
** The Pokémon {{p|Psyduck}}, {{p|Arcanine}}, {{p|Lapras}}, {{p|Eevee}}, {{p|Mareep}}, {{p|Tyranitar}}, {{p|Metagross}}, {{p|Buneary}}, {{p|Riolu}}, {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Weavile}} all appear to be in the new regional Unova Pokédex.