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May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked

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Trailer update.
** Its main point of interest is its lookout. There is a Pokemon Center and Trainers' School; this is the first time the starting city has included either, as well as the first time the starting location is a city and not a town.
* There are several new facilities. One image shows a large glass tube going through water with {{p|Mantine}} swimming overhead.
The first trailer has been officially released on the official Pokémon of Japan website. The trailer reveals:
* Two new facilities, one of which appears to be some sort of arena, the second is a film studio shooting a Pokémon-themed action series.
* Two older Pokémon are confirmed to appear in the games; {{p|Absol}}, and {{p|Pelipper}}.
* Regular trainers are shown to have their own unique animations much like rivals and gym leaders have had.
* A water-themed gym (likely Shizui's) features a lily pad puzzle.
==New characters==
| Hiougi City
==External links==
* [ Official Japanese site]