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Nintendo Direct announces new 3DS apps

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[[File:Pokémon AR Searcher logo J.png|thumb|AR Searcher logo]]
The Nintendo Direct broadcast today has revealed two new Pokémon-related apps for the {{bp|Nintendo 3DS}}: 『ポケモンARサーチャー』 ''Pokémon AR Searcher'' and 『ポケモン全国図鑑Pro』 ''Pokémon National Pokédex Pro''.
Pokémon AR Searcher is a shooting-style game that puts Pokémon in real-world environments through the use of the 3DS back cameras. The app allows Pokémon to be caught and transferred to copies of {{game|Black and White|s|4=2}}. The official Japanese Pokémon site mentions that rare Pokémon may be found through this app. The app will be available starting June 23 for ¥300 in the {{wp|Nintendo eShop}}.
[[File:Pokémon National Zukan Pro logo.png|thumb|National Pokédex Pro logo]]
An updated version of {{bp|Pokédex 3D}}, Pokémon {{bp|National Pokédex}} Pro has expanded to include Pokémon outside the {{bp|List of Pokémon by Unova Pokédex number|Unova Pokédex}}. In addition, the {{bp|Form differences|new forms}} of {{p|Kyurem}}, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, will also be featured. The app will be available on July 14 for ¥1500 at the Nintendo eShop. The original app will be removed from the eShop on June 17, but updates will continue for the rest of the year.