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A Wi-Fi distribution of {{p|Darkrai}} and a Japanese Pokémon Center store distribution of four Pokémon, referred to as “強力タッグポケモン” ''powerful tag Pokémon'', have been revealed by official Pokémon sites. A {{bp|Global Battle Union}} tournament, the "2012 Spring Friendly," has also been announced.
Following the [[Official Pokémon site promotes return of Mewtwo|celebration of]] {{p|Mewtwo}} earlier this year, a spotlight will be set on Darkrai next month for the release of the {{tcg|Dark Explorers}} TCG expansion on May 9. The [ Pokémon-EX site] will be updated on the same date to feature Darkrai content, which includes a streaming ''{{bp|M10|The Rise of Darkrai}}''. A distribution of Darkrai to {{game|Black and White|s}} games through {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection}} will also begin on the 9th. Nothing else is known about this distribution expect that Darkrai will come "equipped with a set of powerful attacks and a nightmarish Ability." It should be noted that the level 50 Darkrai distributed in {{bp|List of Japanese Nintendo event Pokémon in 2010#All Nippon Airways Darkrai|DarkraiJapan distributedin 2010}} and {{bp|List of Korean Nintendo event Pokémon in Japan2011#Home plus Darkrai|South Korea in 20102011}} had the moves {{m4|Dark Void|Ominous Wind|Faint Attack|Nightmare}} and held an {{bp|Enigma Berry}}.<!--only Darkrai BW distribution, iircdistributiosn-->
In Pokémon Center stores all over Japan, four level 50 Pokémon suited for {{bp|tag battle}}s and referred as "powerful tag Pokémon" will be distributed. From May 7 to 31, {{p|Ninetales}} with {{m4|Heat Wave|SolarBeam|Psyshock|Will-O-Wisp}} and {{p|Chandelure}} with {{m4|Heat Wave|Shadow Ball|Energy Ball|Psychic}} will be distributed. Ninetales holds a {{bp|Chesto Berry}}, while Chandelure holds a {{bp|Pecha Berry}}. This pair makes use of the Hidden Ability {{a|Drought}} of Ninetales and the move Heat Wave. Chandelure has the Ability {{a|Flash Fire}}. From June 1 to 22, {{p|Whisicott}} with {{m4|Swagger|Giga Drain|Beat Up|Helping Hand}} and {{p|Lucario}} with {{m4|Bullet Punch|Close Combat|Stone Edge|Shadow Claw}} will be distributed. Whimsicott holds a {{bp|Cheri Berry}}, while Lucario holds a {{bp|Persim Berry}}. This combination makes use of Whimsicott's Swagger move and Lucario's Persim Berry, as well as Whisicott's Beat Up move and Lucario's {{a|Justified}} Hidden Ability. Whimsicott has the {{a|Prankster}} Ability. The Pokémon with the Hidden Abilities are male, while the {{bp|Generation V}} Pokémon are female. The Pokémon obtained depends on the time, with each Pokémon taking turns being distributed fifty minutes each.
The Global Battle Union's "2012 Spring Friendly" is a new competition available to those with non-Japanese and non-Korean {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} accounts. According to the official Pokémon site, "the regulations for the tournament are virtually identical to live Video Game Championships tournaments, as well as the 2012 International Challenge." Registration will be from May 2 to 9, unless the player cap is met beforehand. The tournament will be from May 10 to 14, with the procedure the same as previous GBU tournaments.