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Consistency with the ones above
The fourth page goes into the Pokémon AR Searcher, which features the new Professor Burnett, and gives the Kami Trio and their formes titles. Previous formes are now referred to as '''Kenshin Forme''', and the new formes are '''Reijyura Forme'''.
The next few pages talk about {{p|Meloetta}} and {{p|Keldeo}} and their upcoming distribution in commemoration of the {{bp|M15|fifteenth Pokémon movie}}. The level 15 Meloetta is shown to hold a PP Max and to know the first three moves it learns: {{m|Round}}, {{m|Quick Attack}} and {{m|Confusion}}.
The final pages reveal news of a new series of the Pokémon anime, ''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2'', featuring the new formes of {{bp|Kami Trio}} and some old characters including {{an|Dawn|Hikari}} and {{pbp|Cynthia|Shirona}}. It also revealed that Shirona is indeed set to reappear in the anime, and that Team Rocket is now after {{p|Meloetta}}. The new series is scheduled to premiere on June 21. Besides anime details, [[Black Kyurem-EX and White Kyurem-EX revealed|two new cards in the Pokémon TCG]] have also been featured.