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blurb=Cattleya, along with Champion Shirona, towill appear in the ''World Tournament Junior Cup'' and will make her first anime appearance in ''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! 2''. }}
[[File:Black White Caitlin.png|thumb|right|Cattleya; artwork from {{game|Black and White|s}}]]
{{wp|Famitsu}} has recently provided some new information regarding the upcoming series of the Pokémon anime, ''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season! 2''.
According to the summary on Famitsu, {{bp|Ash's friends|the gang}} along with the {{bp|Sinnoh League|Shin'ō League}} Champion {{bp|Cynthia|Shirona}} will head to eastern part of the {{bp|Unova|Isshu}} region, which has many non-Isshu Pokémon populating it. They also meetencounter {{an|Dawn|Hikari}}, one of {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}}'s previous travellingtraveling companion, and. {{p|Meloetta}} will later become Satoshi's friend and journey with them.
At the ''World Tournament Junior Cup'', one can battle {{bp|Unova League|Isshu League}} Champion {{bp|Alder|Adeku}} if they are the winner, and {{bp|Caitlin|Cattleya}}, one of the members of {{bp|Elite Four|Four Heavenly Kings}} inof the IssueIsshu region, will alsoenter participatethe ''World Tournament Junior Cup'' along with Shirona. The winner of the cup can battle {{bp|Unova League|Isshu League}} Champion {{bp|Alder|Adeku}}.
Along with that, Satoshi will also have a new rival, and {{bpan|Giovanni|Sakaki}} will lead {{bp|Team Rocket|Rocket-dan}} in their 'biggest plot in history'.
WeBulbanews would like to thank '[ Gin]' for informing us and providing the information and translation.
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File:BWS2series.png|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! 2 artwork
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