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[[File:Pokewood-typhlosion.png|thumb|right|A Typhlosion takes on mecha-Tyranitar]]The official Japanese Black and White 2 site has added pictures and new information regarding characters from Black and White, plus some of the additional features of Black and White 2. {{bp|Bianca}}, {{bp|Cheren}}, {{bp|Alder}} and {{bp|N}} have been given bio pages, while {{bp|Team Plasma}} and some of the {{bp|Seven Sages}} are confirmed to make an appearance.
The site shows Bianca serving in her new capacity as {{bp|Professor Juniper}}'s assistant, presenting the player with the three starter Pokémon. Cheren is seen meeting up with Bianca and using a {{p|Patrat}} in battle. Alder also returns, making an appearance in the middle of the story. A screenshot shows Rood, one of the Seven Sages, conversing with the player about N, whose whereabouts are apparently unknown. Numerous Team Plasma members are also present, accompanied by new Pokémon overworld sprites of {{p|Herdier}}, {{p|Scraggy}} and {{p|Galvantula}}. {{bp|Anthea and Concordia}} can be seen, semi-obscured, in the background.
[[File:Tournament-cynthia.png|thumb|left|Cynthia in the Pokémon World Tournament]]The Pokéwood screenshots show a {{p|Typhlosion}} using {{m|Overheat}} against a mechanical {{p|Tyranitar}}, and the player, who has a {{p|Slowbro}}, facing off against what seems to be a target bearing the face of a {{p|Krookodile}}. {{bp|Brycen}} and {{bp|Homika}}'s father can also be seen confronting each other, both of them wearing costumes.