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Animated B2W2 trailer now officially available

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tagline=Yesterday's leaked trailer shown on official YouTube pagechannel |
blurb=Yesterday's leaked trailer for Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 now official. }}
[[File:B2W2 Anime-style trailer screenshot.png|200px|right|thumb|A screenshotScreenshot from the trailer showing the player character, the rival, Cheren, Plasma-dan and their Pokémon.]]
Last nightYesterday, Ithe thoughtofficial thatJapanese thisYouTube leaked trailerchannel for the games ''{{bp|The Pokémon Company}} uploaded a trailer for {{game|Black and White Versions|s 2|Pocket MonstersPokémon Black 2 and White 2}}'', wasand actuallyshortly for the upcoming ''Best Wishes! Season 2'', butmade it technically is notprivate. IThe alsovideo assumedcan thatnow itbe wouldviewed speculatepublicly thatonce itagain would mean that {{bp|Team Plasma|Plasma-dan}} would make their long-awaited appearance in the anime, but that's not the case either. It's foron the aformentionedsame gameschannel.
YesterdayThe trailer is an anime-styled promotion that features familiar faces like {{bp|Bianca}}, {{bp|Cheren}}, {{bp|N}} and {{bp|Elesa}}, as well as new faces like {{bp|Akuroma}} and the official{{bp|Hihihiroshi|rival}}, Japanesein YouTubethe channel{{bp|Unova}} forregion. The Pokémontrailer Companyalso uploadedgives thissome trailernew information, thenlike shortlythe madepresence itof private.{{bp|Team ButPlasma}} now,and it'sthe official{{bp|Shadow Triad}}. The video canalso nowfeatures Pokémon and evolutions of some Pokémon confirmed to be viewedobtainable in the games, including {{p|Arcanine}}, {{p|Lucario}} and publicly{{p|Magnemite}}.
The trailer is anime-styled, putting the style's spin on many parts of the game's narrative, and features familiar faces like {{bpyoutubevid|Biancalwhnt4ytE3k|Bel}}, {{bp|Cheren|Cheren}}, {{bp|N|N}} and {{bp|Elesa|Kamiture}}, and new faces like {{bp|Akuroma|Akuroma}}, in an expanded {{bp|UnovaPokemonCoJp|Isshuhd=yes}} region. The trailer also gives some new information, like parts of Isshu being frozen.