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New Dragons Exalted information revealed

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*A dozen Pokémon-EX, including 6 full-card-art Pokémon!
*Over 120 cards in all!}}
There are only two currently Japanese exclusive {{TCG|Special Energy}} cards: {{TCG ID|Dragon Blast|Blend Energy GFPD|50}} and {{TCG ID|Dragon Blade|Blend Energy WLFM|50}}. Because the set description mentions plural Special Energies, it is inferred that both will be released. In addition, as with the [[a:File:Black White sellsheet.png|Black & White promotional sell sheet]], Pokémon with more than one upcoming card, such as {{TCG|Hydreigon}} and {{TCG|Deino}}, would be counted as 1 Pokémon in the "15 Dragon-type Pokémon" count.