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Resolution Forme Keldeo announced

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''Shokotan's Blog'' has revealed that {{p[[File:647Keldeo.png|Keldeo}}'s new forme is going to be called its Resolutionthumb|right|220px|"Usual Forme." Keldeo's original forme has been previously named its Usual Forme.]]
Yesterday, it was announced that there will be a new Keldeo forme in {{game|Black and White|s|4=2}}. Earlier today, [!/BulbaNewsNOW @BulbaNewsNOW] reported the name of this forme has been revealed. The forme will be known as "Resolution Forme" (かくごのすがた).
''CoroCoroThe Magazine'' will be providing more details on thisprevious forme, and this will be updatedknown as more informationthe becomes"Usual availableForme".
More information on this topic is expected in the upcoming release of ''CoroCoro'' magazine, which will be available in a few days time.