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Welcome George! The timezone was a guess so if that's wrong (or if you don't like your bio) then please amend.
{{staffcard|The dark lord trombonator|093|Active|Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief|2009|New Zealand|+ 12|bio=The dark lord trombonator, or trom, is the head honcho of Bulbanews. He has previously served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia and is an ex-professional trombone player.|nick=trom}}
{{staffcard|RexRacerGeorge Hutcheon|156241|Active|Former BulbanewsDeputy Editor-in-Chief|20092010|United States|- 57|bio=RexRacerGeorge is(Bikini theMiltank formeron headBulbapedia ofand Bulbanews.the He'sforums) reallyis busya inseasoned realBulbanews lifecolumnist butand don'tnews bejournalist afraidfor toBulbanews. askIn himreal anylife, questionshe's youa havebiologist. }}
{{staffcard|SnorlaxMonster|143|Active|Associate Editor|2010|Australia|+ 10|bio=SnorlaxMonster is an experienced Bulbapedia editor. Most of his contributions are to video game articles, but he is happy to help out all over. He edits some other {{bp|NIWA}} wikis too. }}
{{staffcard|Adyniz|501|Active|Associate Editor|2010|Pakistan|+ 5|bio=Ady contributes to anime-related articles on Bulbanews and Bulbapedia. }}
{{staffcard|MAGNEDETHRexRacer|081156|ActiveInactive|Former on Bulbapedia|BulbapediaBulbanews Editor-in-Chief|20082009|United States|- 5|bio=MAGNEDETHRexRacer is the currentformer Editor-in-Chiefhead of BulbapediaBulbanews. WhenHe's hereally canbusy getin awayreal fromlife thebut wiki,don't hebe shouldafraid writeto aask properhim biographyany herequestions you have. }}
{{staffcard|MAGNEDETH|081|Active on Bulbapedia|Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief|2008|United States|- 5|bio=MAGNEDETH is the current Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia. He's made of metal, his magnets gleam, he is perpetual and he keeps the site clean.}}