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569 bytes added, 17:12, 12 June 2012
Misspelling/mislinking: new section
It says Zekrom when it should say Reshiram in 2 of them. --[[User:Juzey|Juzey]] 08:36, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
== Misspelling/mislinking ==
I believe this line in the source
<nowiki>{{event/wifi|494|</nowiki><span style="color:#008800">Movie 14 Vicini</span><nowiki>|n=Movie 14<br>Victini|year=2012|June|12|June|26|EN|BW}}</nowiki>
should be
<nowiki>{{event/wifi|494|</nowiki><span style="color:#008800">English Movie Victini</span><nowiki>|n=Movie 14<br>Victini|year=2012|June|12|June|26|EN|BW}}</nowiki>
<small>(highlighted the change)</small><br>It's under the 'Wi-Fi' heading. [[User:GoldenCelebi|GoldenCelebi]] ([[User talk:GoldenCelebi|talk]]) 17:12, 12 June 2012 (UTC)