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More scans from CoroCoro Magazine for July 2012 surfaced

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[[File:CoroCoro July 2012 Keldeo.png|thumb|right|Keldeo's Resolution Forme]]
As reported [[CoroCoro Magazine for July 2012 reveals new information for Pokémon Black and White 2|earlier]], new information about {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions 2}} has been emerging, courtesy of the July issue of ''{{bp|CoroCoro}} Magazine''.
'''Note:''' ''These are provisional/preliminary translations only, and more complete translations will be made available later.''
Amongst the information revealed in the new issue:
* {{bp|Elesa}}, now with a completely new artwork, will continue to serve as a {{bp|Gym Leader}}. Also, she owns a {{p|Flaafy}}.
* A {{p|Meloetta}} giveaway will be starting from July 14 till Sept. 30.
* A Wi-Fi distribution in which a {{p|Piplup}}, who knows {{m|Sing}}, will be given away from July 20 to Aug. 9.
* The Kami trio's new Formes will have the following abilities:
** {{p|Thundurus}} has the ability {{a|Volt Absorb}}.
** {{p|Tornadus}} has the ability {{a|Regenerator}}.
** {{p|Landorus}} has the ability {{a|Intimidate}}.
* {{bp|Black City}} and {{bp|White Forest}} are back.
* The ''Black 2'' players will get the ''Black Kyurem'', and ''White 2'' players will encounter ''White Kyurem''.
* Players can use the {{bp|Poké Transfer}} to move Pokémon from DPPt, HGGS and play mini-games.
* Some other new features include: Face Missions, Medal System, Join Avenue.
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