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** {{p|Landorus}} has the ability {{a|Intimidate}}.
* {{bp|Black City}} and {{bp|White Forest}} are back.
* The games feature a cave that is radically different depending on version: full of water in Black 2, and lava in White 2.
* The ''Black 2'' players will get the ''Black Kyurem'', and ''White 2'' players will encounter ''White Kyurem''.
* Players can use the {{bp|Poké Transfer}} to move Pokémon from DPPt, HGGS and play mini-games.
* Some other new features include: Face Missions, Medal System, Join Avenue.
* The {{p|Buneary}} and {{p|Magby}} families will be exclusive to Black 2. The {{p|Skitty}} and {{p|Elekid}} families will be exclusive to White 2.
* {{p|Porygon}} and a {{bp|Thunderstone}} are seen in the {{bp|Pokémon Dream Radar}}.
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