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blurb=An upgraded 3DS model has been announced, to be called the 3DS XL (3DS LL in Japan). It will be available on July 28 in Japan and August 19 in North America. }}

[[File:3DS comparison.jpg|thumb|right|220px|A comparison of the 3DS (left) and the 3DSXL.]]

An upgraded 3DS model has been announced on Nintendo Direct by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. Reflecting the name of the most recent DSi model, the portable console will be called the '''Nintendo 3DS LL''' in Japan and the '''Nintendo 3DS XL''' internationally.

Release dates and prices have been announced. It will be available on July 28 in Japan, retailing for ¥18,900 and on August 19 in North America for US$199.99.

As shown to the right, the 3DS XL has much larger screens than the 3DS. The screens are actually 90% bigger: the top is 4.88 inch; the bottom 4.11. The console also has improved battery life. However, the AC adapter will not be shipped with the console, and there will not be a second analogue stick.

The 3DS XL will initially be available in red and blue.