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Download for Pokémon World Tournament revealed

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[[File:Pokémon World Championships 2012 logo.png|thumb|2012 World Championships logo]]
{{ud}} The competitors in the tournament will have sprites of some of the top players in the Pokémon 2012 World Championships.
The official Japanese website for {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions 2}} has announced that there will be a special tournament download for the {{bp|Pokémon World Tournament}}, starting June 29, 2012. It is not known when the tournament download event ends.
The competitors in the tournament will be using Pokémon that the winners of each category of the Pokémon {{bp|2012 World Championships}} Representative Tournament will be using. The tournament is being distributed over {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection}}.
To download this tournament, the player must select "tournament download" on the computer by the receptionist in the Pokémon World Tournament facility, and then select the "download" option when choosing which tournament to participate in.
* [ IGN article]