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==You totally rock==
I just discovered, and devoured, your articles. I wish I could think of something more clever to say than "They were great! I love them!" but that really is the simplest way to cover it. They're interesting, informative, and well-written, and a great deal of fun to read; your affection for the creatures really comes through. I hope you will keep writing, time and energy permitting. Heck, if you got enough essays together, maybe you could interest Nintendo U.S.A. in an educational book deal. But mostly I hope you write more because I enjoyed them so very much. Thank you. [[User:ShinyAeon|ShinyAeon]] ([[User talk:ShinyAeon|talk]]) 03:21, 25 June 2012 (UTC)
== Apologies ==
I am so sorry for creating an article called "Disney Channel absent from Pokémon". I will add something that is canon instead of fanon, OK? [[User:SaturnMario|<font color="#005000">SaturnMario</font>]], [[User talk:SaturnMario|<font color="#000050">his talk</font>]] and [[Special:Contributions/SaturnMario|<font color="#500000">his contributions</font>]] 17:06, 16 August 2012 (UTC)