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Legendary EX Tins receive international release

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The latest three tins, the {{bp|Black & White TCG Series merchandise#Legendary EX Tins|Legendary EX Tins}}, have made an early international release. The three tins, which feature {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos|BW Black Star Promotional prints}} of {{bp|Mewtwo-EX}}, {{bp|Darkrai-EX}}, and {{bp|Rayquaza-EX}} are set for official release in September. The packs included in these tins are 2 from the latest expansion, {{TCG|Dragons Exalted}}, 1 {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} pack, and 1 {{TCG|Black & White}} pack. Scans of the new cards can be seen below with thanks to with YouTube user [ TTarTCG].
==Card images==