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Ten more Pokémon Dolls released

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{{p|Minccino}}, {{p|Audino}}, {{p|Pansear}}, {{p|Bonsly}}, {{p|Aipom}}, {{p|Sudowoodo}}, {{p|Noctowl}}, {{p|Chikorita}}, {{p|Lapras}}, and {{p|Clefairy}} dolls are now available and can be bought with {{bp|Berries}}.
Most of the Berries required for their purchase can be found in the {{bp|Windswept Sky (Dream World area)|Windswept Sky}}, and each Doll costs 50 of one Berry. The only exception is the Chikorita Doll, which costs 15 Kebia Berries (the Kebia Berry is one of the 17 possible starting Berries and is not found in Windswept Sky).