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Global Link to undergo maintenance

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blurb=As announced by the Pokémon Global Link on September 7th, the Global Link will go under extended maintenance from September 25th until October 3rd. }}
As was announced on September 7th onby the Pokémon Global Link websiteon September 7th, the Global Link iswill goinggo under extended maintinencemaintenance from September 25th until October 3rd. ThisDuring maintinencethis periodtime, isnone to prepare forof the internationalGlobal releaseLink's ofservices [[bp:Pokémon- Black and White versionsthe 2|Pokémon BlackDream and White 2]]World, whichGlobal willBattle beUnion onWi-Fi OctoberCompetitions, 7thand inGame NorthSync America.linking A- similarwill but longer period of maintinence occurred prior to the Japanese release asbe wellavailable.
This downtime is to prepare for the international release of [[bp:Pokémon Black and White versions 2|Pokémon Black and White 2]], which will be on October 7th in North America, October 11 in Australia and October 12 in Europe. A longer period of maintenance occurred prior to the Japanese release of the same games earlier in the year.