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Jan. 8 announcement time announced

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GMT is Greenwich Mean Time, the timezone of the UK, and 6am EST, 12pm CET is 11am GMT. I needed to edit the blurb because the time was wrong.
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tagline="Pokémon Direct" to reveal the upcoming announcement |
blurb=The time of the big Jan. 8 has been revealed to be 6am11am GMT. }}
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[[File:Pokémon Direct Logo.png|thumb|300px|Pokémon Direct logo]]
The time of the big Jan. 8 announcement that has been hyped lately has been revealed to be 6am11am GMT. It will be announced in the form of a special Nintendo Direct known as "Pokémon Direct", and presented by {{wp|Satoru Iwata}}. This presentation will last around 10 minutes.
This is 8pm in Japan ({{wp|Japan Standard Time|JST}}), 12 noon in Central Europe ({{wp|Central European Time|CET}}), and 6am in the eastern United States ({{wp|Eastern Time Zone|EST}}).