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Meloetta-EX, Minccino unveiled for Shiny Collection

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{{TCG|Meloetta}}-EX and {{TCG|Minccino}} have been revealed for {{TCG|Shiny Collection}}. Shiny Collection will be available starting Feb. 1, 2013. {{TCG|Servine}}, {{TCG|Torchic}}, {{TCG|Piplup}}, {{TCG|Pikachu}}, {{TCG|Gardevoir}}, {{TCG|Stunfisk}}, {{TCG|Purrloin}}, {{TCG|Eevee}}, {{TCG|Ursaring}}, {{TCG|Elesa}}, {{TCG|Shaymin}}-EX, and {{TCG|Reshiram}} were recently revealed to also be in this subset..