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The Revolution begins

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[[Image:E3_2005_IGN_NR.jpg|thumb|right|The Nintendo Revolution (Image from IGN/Gamespy)]]
NewDetails detailshave begun to emerge regarding Nintendo'sNintendo’s next“Revolution”-generationary fourth gaming console,. codenamed Revolution,The havemachine’s startedbasic todesign sprinkleand ontospecifications have been revealed at the InternetE3 convention. The machine,feature whichcolor willis beblack revealedwith duringan Nintendo'siridescent pre-E3blue 2005 showlight on Tuesdaythe morningfront inof Losthe Angelesconsole; however, willthe sportmachine aat slick,launch blackmay designcome andin aas frontmany blueas lightfive colors. The graphics engine is also said to be vastly improved over the GameCube.
Sporting graphics which in actual play are “two to three times more powerful than GameCube,” according to Nintendo, the Revolution is already anxiously awaited by fans. In contrast, Microsoft repots the Xbox 360 having 13-15 times more powerful graphics processing than the original Xbox, and the PlayStation3 is reported to be approximately 35 times more powerful than the PlayStation2. However, these numbers typically reflect polygon display numbers in a testing environment and are not actually attainable in true gameplay.
The Revolution will befeature "twoa Wi-Fi card to-three timeshook moreup powerfulto thanthe GameCube,"Internet accordingin a feature akin to Nintendotoday’s Xbox Live. Once connected, whichgamers alsowill acknowledgesbe thathave theaccess nextto a free online game-generationmatching raceservice; isn'ta solelylaunch abouttitle newin technologies.the BySuper contrast,Smash Microsoft'sBrothers Xboxseries has already been revealed to have this capability. Also 360available consoleover isthis 13Wi-15Fi timesconnection morewill powerfulbe thanpopular thegames from all systems firstpast, according to the publisherNintendo. And SonySpecific saysexamples it'scited PlayStationwere 3Super isMario roughlySunshine 35and timesDonkey moreKong, powerfulalthough thanit’s PlayStationhighly probable that many other fan favorites as well as new games will be 2downloadable.
Nintendo also revealed that using Revolution's new Wi-Fi connection, gamers would be able to go online to a free gamer-matching service. Interestingly, in a move similar to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service, Revolution users will be able to download classic and new Nintendo games over the Internet. Nintendo cited such examples as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Sunshine, which suggests that Revolutionaries could have access to games for all the publisher's previous consoles.
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