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Genesect available on Japanese Pokédex 3D Pro

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tagline=Password to unlock last Generation V Pokémon revealed |
blurb=Japanese players of Pokédex 3D Pro can now unlock Genesect with the password QUHDPHEU. }}
[[File:Genesect Pokédex 3D Pro.jpg|thumb|Genesect in the game]]
Japanese players of {{bp|Pokédex 3D Pro}} can now unlock {{p|Genesect}} with the password '''QUHDPHEU'''. Genesect is the last Pokémon to be made available for the game, meaning that all Generation V and earlier Pokémon are now accessible to Japanese players in the game. International players do not currently have access to {{p|Meloetta}} or Genesect on the 3DS version, although the Japanese Meloetta password works on the international iOS version.