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Mewtwo VS Genesect half-deck announced

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{{Update}} - Product details of the packs have been unveiled. EX Battleboost Campaign Pack will have one original holo {{TCG|Genesect}} card. Each box will contain six packs. Four packs are of Concept Pack EX Battleboost. Each Concept Pack will have five random cards.
The Concept Pack EX Battleboost contains 20 packs, with five cards in each pack. The cards are random from 93 different cards and five secret cards.
The 30-card Deck Battle Set Mewtwo VS Genesect BOX is made up of pre-made decks, with six packs in each box. it will also contain a Pokémon coin and play mat. Each box will have two 30-card half decks.
This confirms that there will not be new cards in these packs.
A Mewtwo VS Genesect half-deck has been announced. The EX Battleboost Campaign Pack and Concept Pack EX Battleboost were announced as well. These packs will be released July 13. These packs are going to be the July set instead of a BW10 main TCG expansion.
The Mewtwo VS Genesect half-deck will cost ¥1260. The EX Battleboost Campaign Pack will cost will cost ¥630. The Concept Pack EX Battleboost will cost ¥158 per pack. Each box will contain 20 packs.
The details of these packs are unknown at this time.==Information==
* [ Campaign pack]
* [ Campaign pack]
* [ Mewtwo VS Genesect]
* [ Mewtwo VS Genesect]
* [ Concept pack]