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First cards for EX Battle Boost unveiled

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This set is comprised of 93 cards, and uses EBB instead of BW for its logo. {{TCG|Reshiram}}-EX and {{TCG|Zekrom}}-EX are reprints from the {{TCG|Next Destinies}} expansion. The remaining cards that were revealed have new artwork.
{{TCG|Mewtwo}}-EX from Next Destines and {{bp|Form differences|White}} {{TCG|Kyurem}}-EX from Boundaries Crossed are on the display box, which means they will also be in this set.
{{TCGGallery |
image14=CinccinoEXBattleBoost89.jpg |
caption14=Cinccino EX Battle Boost 089/093 |
image15=MewtwoEXNextDestinies54.jpg |
caption15=Mewtwo-EX EX Battle Boost ???/093 |
image16=WhiteKyuremEXBoundariesCrossed103.jpg |
caption16=White Kyurem-EX EX Battle Boost ???/093 |
[ Source for Mewtwo and White Kyurem]