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CoroCoro to reveal new Pokémon game next month

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[[File:M14 Reshiram Zekrom Movie Distributiondistribution Artartwork.png|thumb|Zekrom and Reshiram distribution artwork]]
Since the news broke that a new Pokémon game for either the Wii or 3DS would be revealed soon, speculation on the nature of those games has run rampant. Many fans suspected that this month's CoroCoro magazine would have key information on this release, but they will have to wait a little longer. The only Pokémon news CoroCoro will share in its upcoming edition, to be released on Sunday, is that the following issue, dated June 15, will contain the information about a new game. However, Dengeki DS magazine last month claimed their May 21 issue would reveal the first information on any new game.